London: The Cheese Truck

Learning through food is my favourite way to learn.  Once the kitchen is christened, it’s off to the markets.  The artisans, the craft makers, the innovators that bring a city’s streets to life.  The ones that tell their stories through blood, char, sweat, smoke, and pavement covered drippings.  Or melted cheese, as the case may be.

As it happens, my latest discovery indicates that Americans might not actually make the best Grilled Cheese.  I guess what they were missing could only be found back across the pond: good old British Cheese. 

Located in London’s best under-rated market, a narrow street, railway arches, surrounded by some of the best tasting British Street Food I’ve had the chance to sink my teeth into thus far, I can safely say that this was the best Grilled Cheese I have ever eaten.

Goat’s cheese, honey, Walnuts, and just a touch of crispy-Sage-embossed crust.  If that isn't a recipe for the best Grilled Cheese you've ever eaten I don't know what is. 

My mouth is actually watering.  Thanks, The Cheese Truck, for filling my pre-Birthday dreams with melty creamy Goat's Cheese.

Who's joining me for round 2.