Salted-Caramel Chocolate Croissant Pudding

Salted-Caramel Chocolate [Chip] Stale-Croissant Pudding

(Uh. Yes. You read that correctly)

YOU ARE NEVER EVER EVER.  Allowed to throw away pastries.  Ever.   (I mean when you consider how astronomically expensive they can be, that’s literally like throwing money down the drain.  No soul in their right mind would do that.  So.  Don’t do it.).

And make this instead.

Nigella Lawson has long been a culinary idol of mine.  So you can only imagine my excitement at having stumbled across her Caramel Croissant Pudding recipe, breathing new life into the once disdainful stale croissant.  Which I then couldn’t help but have a little fun with… Thank you Nigella for encouraging the world to see the light.  And for inspiring this spin-off.

Trust me, you’ll be buying extra just so you’ll have a few leftover to stale for this ULTIMATE Bestover recipe: Salted-Caramel Choc-Chip Stale Croissant Pudding... 


Salted-Caramel Chocolate Croissant Pudding
Nigella Lawson inspired recipe. Makes 2 individual ramequins.

1 Stale Croissant
1 Braeburn Apple
50 g White Caster Sugar
125ml Milk (semi-skimmed/full fat)
¼ tsp salt
1 Egg
15g Dark Chocolate

Heat oven to 180*C/350F.
Break your chocolate into chip sizes (or use chips), and set aside.
Halve and quarter your apple.  Slice 2 of the quartered apples as thinly as possible, and arrange around the base your ramequin, dividing evenly.
Tear your stale croissant, about walnut sized chunks, into a bowl.  Set aside.
In a saucepan, heat your sugar and water over medium-high heat for 3-5 minutes, until it turns a deep amber colour – don’t be afraid to push it.
When reached, turn the heat down low, add in your milk and salt.  Once the bubbling subsides, stir continuously until caramel has returned to its smooth consistency.
In a separate bowl, beat your egg.  Then add your beaten egg to the caramel while continuously stirring, so as to avoid scrambled eggs.
Pour caramel custard over your stale croissant chunks, without mixing, and allow to soak 2-3 minutes (up to 10, if croissant is particularly stale).  With a spoon, toss gently - so as not to break the pieces too much – to coat.  Spoon the mushiest chunks into ramequins, pressing down, on top of which, place your chocolate chips, distributing evenly between ramequins.  Top with the remaining chunks of custard soaked croissant, covering chocolate, without pressing down too much (it should it rise slightly above the ramequin rim).
Place on a baking tray, and into the oven, for 15-20 minutes untiltop is golden brown and crispy, but bubbling inside.
Remove, and allow to cool 15 minutes or so.  Devour one-careful-intentful-spoonful at a time.

With a dollop of Breakfast Banana Ice Cream, crème fraiche, custard.
Add a layer of raisins and chopped walnuts over your apple layer.
Double (quadruble) and prepare in a baking dish instead, for a family affair.