Golden Cacao Drink

The stuff of dreams.  Literally.  Powerfully nutritious and chocolate craving quencher?  Um.  Yes.

Thanks to Rude Health’s timely How To Make Golden Milk Instagram video – and I say timely as I just so happen to have fallen rather ill [for which I am blaming our bipolar weather system] and we all know what turmeric is good for – and my massive craving for chocolate, the Golden Cacao Drink was born.

A Little Bitter Marmalade Dolloped Scone on the Side

While I may not have scientific proof, nor have nutritionally fact-checked this, turmeric is a powerful naturally anti-inflammatory, trusted for treating all sorts.  Combined with the natural goodness that are ginger and cinnamon, and - as we all can agree, because cacao grows on trees it’s basically a fruit - theobroma cacao, this is literally the perfect drink to boost the immune system while satisfying every craving in the book. 

Thus, in conclusion I permit myself to make this rather bold statement: Golden Cacao Drink is definitely the new health drink you’ve been missing.  But don’t quote me.

Golden Cacao Drink
nibs etc. original recipe. Serves 1.

1 cup Boiling Water
5 heaped tbsp Dark Chocolate Crumbles
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Freshly grated Turmeric
1/2 tsp Freshly grated Ginger

Freshly grate turmeric and ginger into a heat proof container – immersion blender jug, sauce pan, bowl.  Add cinnamon and chocolate of choice – I use TCHO Chocolate Drinking Chocolate Crumbles [unbeatable in my personal opinion but if you must substitute, use your favourite grated dark chocolate, crumbles, quality powder].
Add boiling water and blend with your immersion blender until fully incorporated.  Serve and drink right away.
[Alternatively, depending on the chocolate you are using, place all ingredients into a saucepan, bring to a boil for 1-2 minutes, then blend until smooth].

Topped with a dollop of cinnamon spiced whipped cream – at risk of cancelling health benefits.
Substituting dark chocolate shavings milk chocolate instead – note: risks as above.
For afternoon tea or a nutritious weekend - or weekday - wake up call.