Cheesy Fondue-Seconds Toastie

With all the goings on over here, I almost, ALMOST, forgot to mention Swiss National Day.  We even threw the Swiss-est lady in the house – my mum – a Fondue party.  And I STILL let it slip past without a mention...  Hopefully Switzerland won’t disown me.  Don’t know what I’d do without Frey’s chocolate covered, caramelised almonds.

Last year, I shared a Fondue recipe.  This year, I’m sharing a Fondue Bestover recipe. 

Either, you over estimated how much cheese your guests could eat.  Or, your guests don’t actually eat the quantities of cheese you wanted to think they did [just to make you feel better about your own vastly greater consumption of cheese].  Either way, you’ve got cheesy leftovers.  Throw it away and that’s MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN.  And good cheese.  Obvi.  So here’s what you do.

Store the melted cheese – slowly congealing in your pot but still malleable – in an airtight container [will keep for 5-7 days] in your fridge until later use.  And in the days to come, invite the neighbours, friends, friends’ siblings, all your wonderful cheesy-seconds, tell them to BYOB, gather all your fondue leftovers, throw on a game – the Olympics? - or an all time favourite cheesy chick flick – see what I did there – and serve them these... They - and the war on waste - will thank you for it.

[Or at least, that’s how I imagine it would go.  I’ve not actually managed to invite my cheesy-seconds over because in London, spontaneity – even for CHEESE – is just not a thing.  But I am working on converting the masses…you'll see, spontaneity will be the next 'sorry I'm actually busy everyday for 3 months'].


Cheesy-Fondue-Seconds Toastie
nibs etc. original recipe.  Makes 1 – easily multipliable depending on leftover quantities/number of cheesy-second guests.

1 Slice of Sourdough Bread or Pain Noir
3 Slices Bresaola
1-2cm thick Slice of congealed/cooled – super appetising I know - Fondue
2 Cornichons

For the Pesto-Cannellini ‘Hummus’ Dip [I thought I had chickpeas.  Turns out I didn’t… Cannellini beans it was]:
1/2 cup Carrot Top Pesto
1 can Cannellini Beans
1/2 tsp Salt
3 tbsp Olive Oil

First make the ‘hummus’ dip: into a small hand blender add you carrot top pesto, salt, olive oil and drained beans.  Blend until uniform puree is formed, adding salt to taste and olive oil until desired thickness/consistency is reached.
For the toasties: turn your grill/broiler onto it’s lowest setting with the oven fan on, if possible.
Slice a 2cm thick piece of leftover bread – day/two-day old is absolutely fine! – and slather with 2 teaspoons of the Pesto-Bean spread.  Top with 3 – or more should you wish – leftover slices of Bresaola.  Top with pieces of congealed, fridge-chilled fondue of about 1.5cm thickness, so that the entire bread slice is covered.
Place on your baking sheet, under the grill for 2-3 minutes until the cheese has melted to the point of slight browning on top and or around the edges.
Remove, serve with cornichons, and devour immediately.

Substituting the Pesto-Bean spread for any other green or red pesto of choice.
Using alternative dried meats leftover from your Fondue night.
Serving with a side of greens – mache/lambs lettuce + avocado, for example – or topping with a fried egg, Croque Madame style.
Sandwich two of these together for the ultimate Fondue Bestover Grilled Cheese.