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My name is Chloë.  A 23 year old TCK ethnic mutt, currently living in Switzerland.  I am a massive foodie, self proclaimed chocolate aficionado, with an undeniable sweet tooth.  Hi.

While I have had the amazing fortune to live in some of the exciting cities around the world, meet incredible people and make life long friendships, a sense of belonging is often amiss.  Resulting in its fair share of existential moments, to be sure.  But one thing is for absolute certain.  Food.  In every sense of the word.  Food is where I go, what I come back to, what grounds me, what drives me, what makes me tick, what excites and inspires me.  In its discovery, creation, styling and design, in its photography, and ability to bring people together.  And it is because I just can't seem to stay away, that I have decided to channel this passion into a blog. 

noun  |  tahr-teen, French tar-teen  |  \(ˈ)tär ¦ tēn\

a slice of bread upon which toppings have been spread/placed/sprinkled/drizzled.
a means to an infinite array of culinary inspiration.
a metaphor.

And also, a family tradition.  For breakfast, elevenses, lunch, les quatres heures (4 o'clock snack), dinner.  And so it felt only appropriate to attempt to feel my way into tomorrow, by reveling in my roots, through the pages of this blog.  Hence, tartine.

What you will find here is food journey through my general life, and hence kitchen, M.Os.  The power to be resourceful, exercise sustainable practices, is in your hands, in your own kitchen.  The possibility to indulge ones senses, is essential.  Denying indulgence is simply not living your life to its fullest potential.  Yet everything in moderation, everything, always (overdosing on Kale is as detrimental to your health as overdosing on Cake, for example).  No culinary taboos, no crash diets.  Carbs?  Abso-freaking-lutely.  Balance, is healthy.  And it is the one thing every human on this planet has in common.  Cultural, religious, geographical backgrounds aside.  Food has the power to bring people, from any and all walks of life, together.  It nourishes the senses, the body, the soul.  A tool I wish more people wielded for the good of our communities.  And one I try never to fail using as an excuse, for old friends, new friends, best friends. 

Thus, the pages of this blog are simply a collection of food discovery from across the globe, culminating into recipes, food styling and photography, travel and lifestyle, of a passionate foodie.  You may also find that chocolate makes an uncanny number of appearances, that sweet recipes and addresses are a touch more common, and that yes I spent my formative years in London, no that is not a spelling mistake.

Thank you so much for stopping by :)